Ceremony Year (1979)

Movies Came Out In (1978)


The Deer Hunter – Saw as an adult, super disturbing movie on many levels.  Not one of my favorites if I’m being honest. The plot revolves around the lives of several men (Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken being 2 of the main actors) who’s Vietnam service change them forever in some very disturbing ways. Meryl Streep delivers a great performance as a love interest/friend/confidant to the men.

Coming Home – A very sad film starring Jon Voight and Jane Fonda, about dealing with fitting back into society after returning from Vietnam and being crippled.  Fonda and Voight deliver pretty decent performances and it’s a very compelling story.  I enjoyed the movie. 

Heaven Can Wait – I had recently watched “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”, which this film is a remake of.  And honestly, other than the main character being a boxer in original film and a football player in the latest,  it was essentially the same film, scene for scene.  Warren Beatty is such a one-dimensional actor, if he wasn’t good looking I don’t see how he’d ever have become famous.  This movie is mundane and not worth watching.  It has the feel of a made-for-tv-70’s movie.

Midnight Express – Watched recently.  A true story about a man trying to smuggle hash out of Turkey and gets caught and does some very hard prison labor.  Sad and compelling at times.  Watching it will make one never want to smuggle drugs out of Turkey, that’s for sure!  Decent enough, glad I watched.

An Unmarried Woman – Never heard of this film and just watched recently.  40-something year old man leaves 40-something year old wife for a 26 year old woman that he met at a clothing store, and the wife has trouble adjusting to the new life thrust upon her.  It was okay.  Not great.  It was the type of movie that would be on Lifetime today, and I’m very surprised that it was nominated for best picture.

Brian’s Winner:

Midnight Express



Ceremony Year (1979) – Movies Came Out In (1978)