Ceremony Year (2010)

Movies Came Out In (2009)


The Hurt Locker – I liked it.  Was a breakout role for Jeremy Renner.  I haven’t watched it again, so I definitely didn’t love it. The subject matter is a bit heavy has it involves an American bomb squad soldier during the Iraq War who is a bit of a maverick to say the least.

Avatar – Liked it a lot.  BUT it was about 45 minutes too long.  The CGI was impressive.  The story was cool involving a colonized moon called Pandora and a native species that the human intruders come to blows with. I’ve watched this film twice since my original viewing in the theater, and it really holds up well.

The Blind Side – Great movie.  True story, great acting, really enjoyed. The story is about Michael Oher, who was a homeless teenager taken in by a well-to-do Southern family (primarily the wife/mother played by Sandra Bullock who delivered a phenomenal performance) and goes on to become a first round NFL draft pick.

District 9 – Hated it.  Every aspect of it. An extraterrestrial species called “Prawns” are forced to live in a slum condition and eventually find help from a human exposed to their technology. This film got good reviews, but I just didn’t like it at all. Perhaps in a few years, I’ll rewatch and see if I think any different.

An Education – Ok story (coming of age teenage girl in 1960’s London hooks up with a much older man) and decent acting.  Kind of saw the “plot twist” coming.  Not exactly an earth shattering movie, but I enjoyed it. 

Inglourious Basterds – Loved it.  Only wish it was a true story/outcome. 🙂 Fantastic story, classic Tarantino. The plot interweaves the stories of a vengeful theater owner and a group of renegade soldiers hell bent on killing Nazis.

Precious – Great film.  Type of movie everyone should watch to make you appreciate what you have, and what others might be going through. Precious is a teenage girl abused, twice pregnant from her step father, that makes the most of her opportunity in an alternative school.

A Serious Man – What a terrible movie.  So strange, I didn’t find it enjoyable in the least.  Just weird and pointless in my opinion. The plot is basically a normal guy (physics teacher) who’s life comes undone through a series of events.

Up – My favorite Pixar movie of all time.  Great story, great animation, memorable characters, just all around perfect. An elderly man named Carl, takes his house to Paradise Falls via balloons and mistakenly brings along a Boy Scout named Russell. Very emotional at times, and may be over the heads of some younger children, but still very enjoyable.

Up in the Air – I liked this film.  I thought Vera Farmiga was really good in it.  Nothing super memorable about it, but it was a good story. The plot involves a traveling salesman who finds love on the road, and has a complicated relationship with his new assistant.

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Ceremony Year (2010) – Movies Came Out In (2009)