Day Thirty of #Striding4Biden

#Striding4Biden #StridingForBiden #Day30

It’s Day Thirty (Final Day!!!) of my #Striding4Biden quest.

Today, I strided 15.57 miles, and donated $35.57 at:

The extra twenty dollars came from my amazing cousin Rachel!!!

Total for my entire quest: $530.13

I made it (barely)!  30 straight days, no days off, 437.35 miles strided, an average of 14.57 miles per day!  I met a ton of great people on my 30 day journey, it gives me hope for this country.

Even more awesome is that soooo many people have reached out to me privately and let me know that they donated, and the total donations are well over $1000!!!

There are 2 weeks left and I’m not letting up, I’ll be continuing to donate (especially to key Senate races) and do whatever else I can (text/calls) to hopefully get this country back on the path of good.

#Striding4Biden #StridingForBiden

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Donate at (links redirect to the official Biden campaign donation site): or

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