Day Twenty Six of #Striding4Biden

#Striding4Biden #StridingForBiden #Day26

It’s Day Twenty Six of my #Striding4Biden quest.

Today, I strided 6.08 miles, and donated $18.24 at:

At about the 4 mile mark today, my pedal thing was loose. I stopped to tighten it and clearly don’t know my own strength, as I snapped the bolt in the process. I tried to continue on, rigging it with some zip ties that I had, but after about a mile, I deemed it to be too risky and headed home.  

Good news is I’ve managed to rig something secure so I can continue tomorrow and will get the proper replacement part from the company in the meantime.  Even better news, because of the striding malfunction, I decided to triple the donation for today’s stride!

Total so far: $442.37

I’m doing all the exercising, you just have to donate and share! 🙂

#Striding4Biden #StridingForBiden

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