Please Vote For Joe Biden

This post is not for the voters that are still going to vote for Trump.  I’m not looking to change their mind.  At this point, I consider them a lost cause on multiple levels.

This is to the 3rd party voters or non-voters.

I can understand being disenfranchised or thinking your vote doesn’t matter.  It matters to me.  It matters to a whole lot of people that would like to safely see their friends & relatives again.  It matters to small businesses that would like to stay in business and safely have regular customers again.  It matters to millions of people that will lose their healthcare and/or have their health choices taken away from them.

In short, it matters.  You may not think so but it does.

If you are voting 3rd party, you’re throwing away your vote.  The reality in the US, right now, is that there are 2 realistic choices.  And if it’s about principal, see my paragraph above about who your vote matters to.  Your principals won’t realistically help any of the people that need help.  Please reconsider.

If you were not going to vote, take the first step in doing something for others.  It’s a small sacrifice and you’ll feel better about attempting to help others that need the help and in the long run, you’ll benefit too.  And even if you still think that it didn’t matter, ultimately it didn’t cost anything to exercise your vote.

The current leader can’t even protect himself and his family from the virus, despite having all the taxpayer resources in the world.

We need better, please please consider voting for Joe Biden.