CF8 Exam Buster - Ordering Instructions

CF8 Exam Buster is not free, you will not be able to run the program without a valid username and registration key supplied by CentraSoft.

If you would like to see how CF8 Exam Buster can help you prepare for the Adobe ColdFusion 8 certification exam, check out the DEMO version of our award winning ColdFusion certification testing prep tool.

Are you a previous customer of CF_Buster or CFMX Exam Buster? We have created a special pricing option for you. Click here for upgrade pricing details.

CF8 Exam Buster price: $39.95 (US Dollars)

We currently offer the option of purchasing CF8 Exam Buster strictly via PayPal.

Important Notes About Ordering CF8 Exam Buster - PLEASE READ
The current version of CF8 Exam Buster helps prepare for the Adobe ColdFusion 8 exam. Our previous versions (CFMX Exam Buster 6.0 and 7.0) are now discontinued as Adobe is no longer offering those exams (ColdFusion MX 6.0 or 7.0 certification exams).
All orders are fulfilled manually, you will not immediately receive your registration information. If you are taking the actual exam in an hour (or relatively soon), chances are you won't receive your registration information in time.
Orders are usually fulfilled within hours (even minutes); however, could take up to 48 hours.
CF8 Exam Buster registration information and download is all electronic, nothing will be sent via regular snail mail.
You may not share, give, or copy your licensed copy of CF8 Exam Buster to anyone. Additionally, you may not sell or resell your licensed copy of CF8 Exam Buster. You must agree to the entire Software License Agreement in order to use CF8 Exam Buster.

Order CF8 Exam Buster Using PayPal

CentraSoft realizes many people on the Internet use the PayPal (an Ebay company) service, so we offer you the option to purchase CF8 Exam Buster using your PayPal account.

Purchase CF8 Exam Buster using your PayPal account click this image:

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To join PayPal and order CF8 Exam Buster, click the image above and sign up as a new member.

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